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Our Approach





Our Approach

What we do starts with our building process.

Phase 1: Tour Model

Take a look around at the detail and uniqueness of our models. Look at other houses under construction to get familiar with the building process.

Phase 2: Meet the Builder

Meeting the builder is a key step. Knowing who you are dealing with will give you peace of mind. Ask questions and learn the process directly from us!

Phase 3: Find Lot and Plan

We help in every way that we can to get you information about lots and developments. We can build anything that the imagination can think up and are always looking for unique ideas.

Phase 4: Finalize Plans

Our goal is to include the homeowner as much as possible in the entire process. Knowing what materials and mechanicals go on in the home is very important.

Phase 5: Budget

A spreadsheet is used to determine the price of the home. Everything is in black and white and shows what we do above and beyond what is expected.

Phase 6: Sign Contract

All your documents are put together for you: house plans, home specifications, budget, and the contract.

Phase 7: Selections

You will get plenty of notification on when selections need to be made at certain times of construction. We can give advice when needed and help the homeowner make difficult choices.

Phase 8: Pre-construction Meeting

Meet the builder to determine the date for dig and go over any last minute details.

Phase 9: Construction and Social Media Updates

You will have a direct line as well as social media and email. We will provide you with the most up-to-date information including images and videos of the construction of your home.


Phase 10: Time To Move

Congratulations, you have made it through the building process! We will meet you on site and do a full Homeowner Orientation. He will show you how everything operates and go through the whole home with you.