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Our Approach





Custom Homes

What is a custom built home? It is a home that is filled with your choices and reflects your taste. When we meet with you, we’d like to talk about your choices and discuss how they can be incorporated into your budget. You will be surprised at how we can match one with the other and deliver exceptional quality. We have delighted customers in all price ranges, and they feel they spent more wisely, because we “do it right”.

You will meet with the builder directly to plan your dream home. When we team up from the start to determine your vision and what you expect, VictoryGate Custom Homes can manage the project to the specifications you desire. You have honored us with your business. We want the honor of working personally with you.

We make you a part of the choices and selections that go into your custom built home. Once you have a plan and a lot (we strive to help you with both when you need it), we will plan any changes you want. This is your opportunity to do some brainstorming and maybe a little dreaming. We intend to meet your needs. You have years of experience to draw upon during our planning sessions. You may be surprised at what we can deliver. We “do it right” on any home.

We are honest with budgets and spending. We feel that part of doing it right on a custom built home is providing exact budget spreadsheets with clear details of spending. We provide to you a portfolio of documents including budget, specifications, plans and the contract we have signed.

We “do it right” during the construction of your home. Every job site is managed and overseen by the builder. Our trades are trustworthy and do quality work. Our crews also enjoy the challenge of exceeding expectations on a custom built home and embrace our philosophy of doing things right. Projects are closely overseen as part of our personalized service approach, and we want you to experience nothing less than our total involvement.

As an example of our commitment to total quality at VictoryGate Custom Homes and within our industry, I serve on the Board of Directors of the Building Industry Association.